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Stay Close To Me

Date Written: September 19, 2017




pant into the leaves

through the somber tender moment my heart permeates an escape

we have come to far not to turn around now


through the corridor

a hopeful memory of a time well spent in thought

my lips quiver through the notion of a mere solace intact

sullen brevity


stay close to me

feel the breeze nestled through the trees

my hands clasp with amazing fortitude

alone in my silence

thoughts of beautiful cadence

the exploits of a promise made so long ago

feelings of rapture now lifting my gait

pause to reflect


another moment to another memory

wandering in the silence

embark on Summer's end

the shadows block my inner frame

not having you in my arms is driving me insane

alone again this time I stare at the wall

in the back of my mind i here my concious call

the pull the tease of a romance gone wild

feeling as carefree as a little child

snap shot moments of my past

having so much fun with a hope that it would last


the twilight sun had tainted my inner vision

stay close to me with a touch so devine

draw ever nearer to the fire my my inflicted frame

love is the mere essence of quaint elegance

yet inside we hide behing four walls that block

we tend to always think a lot

tender moments between a father and a son

love works in many hearts

stay close to me & i won't leave

for I beg you on my knees

to enter the final climax with a smile

cause you knew all the great while

eyes, hands & feet

with a sincere faith in your heart

you will light the inner spark to what it is I have been waiting for

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