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The Heat Of The Moment

Date Written: October 27, 2017

a soul betwixt the moral outlet plunges to the depths of the sea in sin
after careful examination cadence erupts to taunt the young man's soul
like an ox going in for a kill his stems for passion to endulge in love
soft music with the lighting of a candle too hard to handle now

his heart permeates a state of being inside her as hands are clutched tightly
forget the night & the day is far spent out of circumstance to take part in the dance
a beacon of love to a hurting soul in need of pleasure yet will the glue hold
torrents of rain outside shudder the quaint existence of the house's frame

love is the very fabric of his existence learn to shun each resistance in every curcumstance
breath deep my love for tonight we will take part in pleasure to the early dawn
the smell of sweet body odor as we plunge into extacy onto the climax
took a drag of a cigarette to vent things through my head

left in the daze of a cordeal impulse that ensued
still I was in the mood for more
we enjoyed each others fill in surprisingly triumphant courage
to muster the resilence of our exquisite taste of brevity

my heart sunk in orgasmic fervor onto the duration of the moment
thoughts of birds flying over my head in exquisite fashion for the moment
the taste of her lips sweet caress of her tongue
furtherance of sex plunge into a harvest of twilight

on the edge of my seat I see a ball in the corner of my room
silently I whisper a tender phrase of sweet harmony
tonight we revisit the love's destiny to what we were waiting for
lest I implore another opened door willing to explore so much more

we finally yawn and start a fire in the fire place
a lasting glo that we shared with the memory of our love
sealed with the ornament of its timeless clarity
pressed between the world i know and the one I wish to go 

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