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The Hermits’ Request

Date Written: September 8, 2017


in a far off place
gone from all known accepted civilization
lived a man caught in his own world
had a hut with green moss
In the evening he prepared a table with a goose & port
was a hunter and gatherer to the outdoors
captured his imaginative thoughts on a scroll
day and night he would often pray to God
alone in his silence he had a quaint encounter with a visitation
an angel appeared at the edge of his bed
thoughts were swirling inside his head
the angel said, "God has heard your prayers".
one word from his lips and his world turned around
left to his own devises he would fail
yet with the help of God he would set sail
the hermit decided to go into town
to see if there were others like him around
there is a barren hill lived a nice lady named lily
she was nice but awfully silly
fir it was there he had made his match
was yhis to much to ask
the pair fell deeply in love together
the hermits' request was answered
They lived happily ever after

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