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The Ivy Briars

Date Written: September 10, 2017


the cloven asps that peal away
a soft decorum of the rush of a smile
the swag persistance to join in its resistence
we have created a vile mast
through the duration of time I must confide
all of life is an essential ride
in Ireland the green pastures of hue
permeates a liquid tasts of neglect
as I commonly reflect a new episode
loose loop holes with a vibration taunt
carry through the mere whisper of a sound
to ellapse in its jealous vain duration
plagued be mere societal influences
the equal benefits of an influx charm

nature's vast emory board drifted out to sea
so common as to not faint when questioned
each of us must seek solace for the self
to equate greater beauty in the duration of time
vanity springs forth when there is no pivotal rule or direction
many seek self to please
society keeps us second guessing
for a far off switch to enter with blessings
the ivy briars are loosened now
a whole host of them in derision
will keep its hold on any second guessing

2 comments on “The Ivy Briars”

  1. Sonja Carnes     September 10, 2017


  2. comnpkpillai     September 12, 2017

    nice ivy briars
    well described

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