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The Village Queer

Date Written: October 28, 2017

in the sunlit morning I awoke to enter the village
a vast amount of seagulls flocked overhead
yet my soul permeates through the duration of the walk
an officer was assigned to watch the Lone Blue Lagoon a gay club
as I entered i melted in my seat there were men around me swarming me like a bee
a sip of wine and everything was so very fine
a whole host of finger foods were on a table
it was many years ago let the truth be told

all the way in P Town that a fare lad named Luigi had come out of the closet
although those many years would pass I still had every reason to grasp
the notion of a whisper while passing gas
Luigi today is known as the village queer
a Liberace of sorts with sweaters and torts
has a coffee shop down by the beach his bagels and locks are to die for
yes in 1975 he went to Studio 54
a hippie of sorts always dressed up in his shorts

very giving man let the reader understand
until the day he got busted for heroin it was all in the news
needles were found even in the coffee house's sofa
now the village queer is doing time but everything is fine
people still come by and shine


One comment on “The Village Queer”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 28, 2017

    A Liberace of sorts
    Check out those shorts! 5 pianos!

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