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We Are Forever His Child

Date Written: September 19, 2017




inside we so often wander aimlessly through the vortex of spirituality

we dig still deep then ever before to reach the pinnacle of are being

soft sandal feet with a pitter patter noise of a peace that passes understanding

gravity takes a hold of me yet again I wander aimlessly onto another place

the cadence of columns with pillars nestled in the tiny fragments of my skull

love has a name I am that I am may you all understand

love came to the woman at the well with a great faith to tell

love was drawing with his finger in the sand in front of the prostitute accused

love was there from the very beginning & continues freely

to bask in the vast expanse of all known duration of inner sanctity

love needs to get apart from societal mainstream cause

living in todays mindset can be very mean

people are wandering as if nomadic herdsmen in desolation

falling apart at the seams in a pool of seeking self to please

shadows block the tug of the heart to light the inner spark of what I need to know

vast numbers are coming to an ultimate decision for there lives

does it come at any big enough surprise that Jesus is living in us

let us not enter into the forces that beckon a resistance

out of ever circumstance learn to take part in the dance

most of the world is living in a trance locked away in their own little tomb

we are forever his child in twilight through the turmoil & pain

join hands to start spreading the true meaning of why we are here

let me make this quite clear not everyone is free

they will call him Lord in the final day but he will not hear you

come to the small still voice who beckons your heart to draw near

let love be the anchor that holds the soul don't lose your control

people generally live for sin, self & Satan

wearing your Sunday best while frying the bacon

come to a greater knowledge then self

maybe you want to put that book right back on the shelf

only one life will soon be passed only what's done out of love will last

yet no one gets by on any free pass

We are forever his child gripped by the masters hand

hopefully someday you will all live to understand ?

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