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Yet For What ?

Date Written: November 13, 2017


We fight, fuck & war
start spreading the disease as if loosened leaves
we barricade a promise captured in time
a reason to sense all is fine
we smoke are Marijuana and song
lazy days upon us where men is lover of pleasure rather then God
can we take off our masks
working too hard can give you a heart attack

rock & roll is noise pollution
abortion on demand is no good solution
its a tragedy as we are off living in a land of make believe
within shallow lies it comes at a big enough surprise
we seek to get away yet for what ?
back in the 1960's it was a rebel without a cause
Wolf Man Jack and the populace
women burning their bras
got a draft card lets run to Canada in the night
they used to hitch hike everywhere for a ride

today its a whole different ball game now that Scotty Pippen has long been retired…

the economy is in disbelief while Trump is in his ivory tower
imagine that a no it all for a president taken up residence
We choose to get up In the morning yet for what ?
falling apart at the seams in some evil twisted scheme
we need to make the right choices with the voices
no holding back now no use looking back when your hands to the plow…

why don't we dare to care for the needy instead of having hands that are so greedy..
what are we willing to achieve in such blatant mockery
there are signs all around us let us choose to live in solace

One comment on “Yet For What ?”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     November 13, 2017

    …an impassioned poem of this poet’s view…no doubt will hit home for quite a few…!! 5 peace symbols..!! 🙂

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