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You Were There In Song

Date Written: November 10, 2017

You Were There In Song

send a shiver down my spine in some dreadful fright
will you look to me when you fall at the pulse of your ego to know it all
as in solace through a vivid dream will you be there
will you surrender to the passionate care
with a baby's hair and a womans eyes
does all of this no0tion of thought come at a big enough surprise
will you learn to grasp as you bask in the vast expanse of the moment
to caress a kiss in a lovingly way one may often so frey

you were there from the very beginning
you were there in song

you felt the heat of pleasure in a memory as if the break of dawn
for I will sorrow in my misery I will soar in my dream
the faint of heart will try to break us apart yet who are they anyway
love is the vivid essence of my meager existence learn to shun the resistance at every circumstance
remember me in the morning as you sip your coffee
through a portal in a storm we often will curse the very day we were born
in tragedy you have created a brightened homily
some may live in their land of make believe
others simply do what they please

as if a white dove passing through the sky
draw me ever near to such a place by faith

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