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My Young Friend

Date Written: September 23, 2017

There comes a point in every girls life, in her mind and her heart there is trouble and strife.

Who can she turn to, who can she call?  When there are so many questions who can answer them all?

Let me tell you my young friend, I've been there before.  Take my hand and I'll show you how to open lifes doors.

Life's full of doors, going out, going in.  Some take you nowhere and some are dead ends.

And there's no way to know which way they'll go so youre left there to wonder and uncertianties grow.

All your life people tell you what to do, what to say.  They'll all try to change you, to mold you their way.

Like the shapeless clay our lives begin, we are patted and pushed until reall shape takes in.

That's when we all start to ask "Who am I?"  They'll all try to tell you, make you live in their lie.

To some you will go and from some run away but your heart just wont let you find peace in this way.

So you'll grow and you'll learn and old questions find new for in the course of your young life 

you'll find answers are few.


2 comments on “My Young Friend”

  1. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 23, 2017

    Wow, this is sooo true! Great poem, thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. River.Ophelia     September 23, 2017

    good write
    women are easy targets for manipulators so we must try to remain strong and true to ourselves

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