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One love, only love

Date Written: October 1, 2017

I thought I'd been in love before

but was too young to know for sure.

Now time has shown me so much more

I know just what I'm loooking for.


The love's I'd known all did me wrong

and left me with a heart of stone.

I thought knowone could tare them down

thought knowone else could bring me round.


But now my heart's elated, for your love I'm glad I waited.

You took control so gently that my fears were eased away.


Now with all the love I'm given and with all my heart can spaare

I'll make all the love I'm giving you to right, so true, so rare.


Knowing we were ment to be,

that fate has brought us here to see

how one true love has set me free

to give you all the love in me.


And I'll never need another

or desire someone new.

My needs have all been satisfied

because all I need is YOU!


One comment on “One love, only love”

  1. Marjory Cooper     October 1, 2017

    I see a few typos in my submission and I apologise for that. I hope you can see around them and enjoy this poem.

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