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Matters Of The Heart

Date Written: September 18, 2017

Matters Of The Heart


So much of our world revolves around feelings

To feel accepted or rejected

To feel liked or disliked

To feel apart of something


How does one manage these matters of the heart

To cower away and never acknowledge them

To move forward without ever conquering them

To give proper time to heal


What is tangible about feelings

The physical actions they may incur

The emotional backlash it shows

The ability to be aware of them


When do you notice such things

Through the idea of really being here

Making sure to see yourself now

Avoiding the hypotheticals


Who do you give it to

The person you love

The person you wish you were

The idea of utopia


Why does it pain

Because of the way you managed it

The way you conceptualized it

The moment you noticed it

The person you shared it with


How does one manage these matters of the heart?

Giving time to heal

Being aware of them

Basing yourself in reality

Crafting a version of utopia

Sharing it with the person you love

Understanding that the world is controlled chaos

Oops, I fell in love

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