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Date Written: October 22, 2017

Was thinking what hasn't been done for long,
Maybe writing a poem in form of song,
Recall, a Bird who loves to sing,
A Bird so weird yet so bright,
With plans in day time and most at night.
They call him Truth, In fact he's Loyal,
Some call him Brave, such a bad lier,
Other call him Smart, A.K.A Bright
With heart like Panther, a fine promise keeper,
Slow as Cheetah, and a voice of singer.
He had a Lover, since then til' now,
He never surrender,, their love is woow!
He is the achiever, he is the survivor,
Such a good leader, and a future Professor.
The Male Black Bird, misses her,
Because it's HER, for sure,
The one and only, the wise and charming,
The Beauty the Bright, the Cute and White.
He misses her smell, that makes him smile,
He misses her eyes, that makes him freeze,
He misses her lips, such a sweet gift,
He misses her tongue, with chocolate taste.
He misses her voice, and her, in that dress,
From a first kiss, such an impress,
Just the matter of time, the Bird to fly away,
In mind with aim, to fly on her way.
The Male Black Bird, such a wonderful creature,
Special creation of GOD, and confidence is his nature.

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