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Date Written: September 10, 2017

I sit alone in the night under the sky full of stars

reminiscing about my childhood and how good it was.

Just a happy little guy who enjoyed playing in the dirt

despite knowing the fact mom would scold me for that.

Carefree because mom would take care of me on my behalf.

Heaven was nothing more than sleeping on my mom's lap.

My kind heart was filled with true love and pure thoughts.

My life was comprised of few tears and more genuine laughs.

I wonder why my childhood was so brief. It passed so fast.

I wish I could go back in time to relive that sweet past.


I sit alone in the night under the sky full of stars

recalling about my teenage life and how crazy it was.

I was young and energetic enough to fight in a war

but never saw the sunrise. That's how lazy I was.

An inexperienced and stupid kid, bunking the class

to experience his first kiss with the queen of his heart.

Night outs with my friends and chatting till the day dawns.

Promised "we shall be together whatever may be the odds".

I was more optimistic with bigger dreams in my bucket list

Ignorant enough to not know that everything falls apart.

Reality struck hard and caught me completely off guard

but I'll forever be grateful to the life lessons it has taught.


I sit alone in the night under the sky full of stars

contemplating about how my life of adulthood is hard.

The harsh realities of the world left me broken & jarred.

Maturity murdered my innocence & tore myself apart.

In a world, where deception is misconstrued as being smart,

it's hard for me to adapt when I blindly follow my heart.

So I learned to wear a facade and kept my real self locked

to let it suffer the fate of confinement like a caged bird.

I heard my inner voice desperately craving for my help.

Eventually, it stopped when I chose to ignore it like I never heard.

With a fake smile and fake life, everything seemed all right.

But when I looked inside of me, I realized that I've already died.



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