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The Death Mask

Date Written: September 11, 2017



face down on the

floor .blue face purple lips

cold as ice. breathless and dead

and i didn't even stop and take

… the time to say goodbye.

what kind of person

does that make me?

one that knows


the whine of a breathing machine

forever going through my mind.flashes

of a death mask . glazed eyes seeing nothing

staring through my soul.i wrap my arms around her

i didn't want to let her go. she wasn't supposed to be so cold

her chest was still . she looked so small just like a child

that has lost their way.she has no voice to say its ok

or that she forgives me for taking for granted

that we would have another day. they put

her in a pretty box and covered her

with dirt . And no matter how much

much love we have

she will not come

back. goodbye

grandma. i



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