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Demon Of Flesh

Date Written: September 3, 2017

Come to me my little fiend
Come dine with me
On the blood of the weak and thine enemy

Demon of flesh and darkness of old
Take him down before you in his arms he enfolds

Slashing at flesh, cackles of glee
The demon strikes at your miserable plea
He says don't struggle now, your souls bound to me

Nails of searing heat tear at your flesh
As your agony and his delight, like light and dark firmly mesh

He is yours and now you are his
He licks his lips and sighs out a hiss

Take me as i am, your darkness of retribution
Enemies downfall and your weakness persecution..

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No image Demon Of Flesh Come to me my little fiendCome dine with meOn the…
by Melodie Fowles
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Melodie Fowles

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