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A little distraction

Date Written: September 12, 2017

I need a little distraction , This love reaction got me at a loss got to have her no matter what she costs , She’s a diamond bright and shining ,Love is winning I am not sinning ,For this love is Heaven sent , All my time with her is spent , Laughing , reflecting kissing , touching , You are my dream girl,The one I dreamed of when I was all alone , The one who came to me from her Heavenly home ,Oh how I love to linger with you in bed for hours , Talking ,Quoting poetry you and me ,Telling of a fairy tale dream , Of a king and a queen,You are my bliss ,Your skin my playground , Soft as satin , creamy dreamy , Bathing with you in a pool of moonlight , I catch sight of an Angel on Earth , and you feel me with sweet mirth , The desire over takes me and we travel to eternity , In a dream that will be realized ,

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