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Date Written: September 18, 2017

I see her and the sight alone arouses me,She touches me and I forget where we at.All I see are things that we could and should doShe makes me want to talk dirty or love all day.She brings out the best in me and so much more This fire I feel if not consumed might burn us two. She is the reason I continue to live.The only thing I want to see for the rest of my days.She tries insulting me but it makes me all the moreDesirous of her and what she can offer.I touch her and she freezes for a momentAnd I feel like giving her the rewards she desires. We kiss tongues lock and I start whispering Asking if this is what she wants and she replies ”yes”And touch her hard pressed breast and give truePleasure, but she holds back telling me she has neverBeen pleasured before and this makes me draw backEvery word she says I want to do but can’t.This desire must be consumed.Because it has flames owning the love in itSo we continue to realize that I being xenophobic I am not actually ready to lose her to anotherSo as I decide to touch her the fire Spreads trough her and consume all of her.

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