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The Voice Under The Cloud

Date Written: October 7, 2017

Hearing It perfectly and perfection on sound, depends on the word were coming out suddenly and heavenly, exact the same thought when the white dazzling doe was appeared In thin inglorious airy wind to overwear the process, to rebound to reborn to restore the fabulous voices to be heard either and neither way on the deep blue sea of fateful love, she got the echoing nonstop action and satisfaction, she belong the moment to realize the world looks like herself, she removed the danceable cloud either direction very slowly and steady within, her words were totally heavy, the white doe who complete her kingdom In grapefruit hand, her voices was came through the whole entire country of Paris, France to led by million and trillion of people to hear It passionately 

Written by
Michael James Brindley 

One comment on “The Voice Under The Cloud”

  1. sunburned     October 7, 2017

    Good scenario

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