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Date Written: October 16, 2017

I knew you were out'ta my league
The day I set my eyes on you
But I tried with no signs of fatigue
With all ma might, to fix you

Im jealous of the love
Love that wasnt mine
To one that hardly saw the worth of
One that I cared,oh with all the pain

Write it on the skylines, all our dreams
Lets shout it off rooftops, all night long
Or we could speak about it wiping away our tear streams
Baby we could go so far to where we belong

You feel a little rush, ya think you gotta a little crush
Oh We didnt know, didnt know, didnt know, we were starving till we had a taste
You became somebody I could kiss, you took me on a journey full of bliss

I might drink a little more than usual tonight
Want ya to stay and I want it tonight 
I know you are a wild one
Show me how its done

Without you baby, a side of me paralyzed
I cant win without you, without ya, i aint so prized
I wont climb without you
I wont leave without you

There is no skies I wont fly for ya
There is no tears I wont cry for ya
When it comes to ya, there is no mountain I wont climb, there is non to steep
I want you to feel that baby, cos dont miss out on my love thats so deep

When it comes to you, there aint no crime
Dont be blind, watch me speak from my heart
When it comes to you.
To you..


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