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Self Reflections

Date Written: September 27, 2017

She's never been one to regret

the things she's done

but sometimes she lets

the past get the best of her

so she'd burn one.


She doesn't know if she's become what she hates

or hates what she's become,

but she can't stand to look in the mirror.

Always unsure,

she wished she'd see things clearer.


She didn't realize just how unhappy she was,

but by then, it was far too late.

She's lost in an abyss

just trying to find her way back

to doing the things she misses.


She's still learning to love herself.

Shit seems like an endless battle,

the way she sells herself short

like everything she gives doesn't even matter.


Searching for the love she needs to feel within

in everyone else,

thinking they'll give her joy,

but she only loves for the moment…

just to fill a void.


She won't allow herself to be cared for,

as much a they'll try.

She pushes away everyone she's ever gotten close to

and doesn't even know why.


She keeps her head high though

so no one sees the pain.

The tragedy in counting her own footsteps

just to keep herself sane.


Because she has lost

and has hurt in so many ways,

she feels everything so deeply

and means everything she says.


This is why she's so genuine,

so kindhearted & pure,

she's just trying to recieve the beauty

that she puts out into the world.


The way her eyes & her smile

can light up an entire room,

she's just trying to admire herself

the way everyone else does

when they see the way she moves.

4 comments on “Self Reflections”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    beautiful and very well written

    “Because she has lost
    and has hurt in so many ways,
    she feels everything so deeply
    and means everything she says.” – excellent verse

    I enjoyed your poem, thanks.

    1. moleakia     September 28, 2017

      Ahhh, thank you so, so much!

  2. Erica G     October 8, 2017

    Amazing!! It almost describes what I go through every day,
    burying the burdens but carrying them at the same time. I can relate so well. Thanks

    1. moleakia     October 8, 2017


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