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Date Written: September 25, 2017

Dancing on my walls

lingering, craving

my thoughts, my mind.

Surrounding me,

your screams are aching.

Dim against these plains

and they shake me.

Closing my eyes,

they cave in.

The battles you gave to me,

they break in, chasing.

Candle lights fading,

flame flickering,

eyes glistening…

But I am more.

I am more than what you made me.

These wings,

they saved me.

I saved me.

Now fly baby, fly free.

3 comments on “Shadows”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 25, 2017

    …this poet has come through her fire…great heights she now aims to aspire…!! 🙂

    1. moleakia     September 27, 2017
  2. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    nice poem, thanks

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