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Take Me…

Date Written: September 25, 2017

The way you tear me to shreds

without even physically touching my body,

just to explore my celestial gardens,

to taste my extraterrestrial waters.

You take me.


& as freightening as it is,

you open the deepest depths of my mind

& admire the darkest darks of my soul,

which is why you are so beautiful.

With the grace of your wavelengths

& how they connect so perfectly to mine,

you take me.


Your thought processes lift my spirits

on such an atomic level.

The way the grooves of your fingertips

& the vibrations that leave your lips

sends chills through my entire being,

you take me.


You have eyes just as tired

& almost as sad as mine.

They tell stories when you look at me.

Almost like the galaxies,

how your pupils are always dialated.

You are walking poetry,

& you dont even realize it.

The way you take me.


Your presence heightens my senses.

It's almost unreal

how alive you make me feel.

You've exposed me to the radation of

a new outlook on life.

This world is pure art with you,

but i want you to come into mine.

The world of my body, my spirit, & mind.

I want you to take me…

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