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The issue of racism and ignorance

Date Written: September 5, 2017

So, I wrote this because racism in the world today is way, way, way too predominate. (Not that any at all is toleratable). I also feel like so many people treat another race differently without even realizing it. Theres that, and then just the blatant racist people that are full of hate. I am aware that black people can be racist too, but i feel like that is not as common in society today. So i wrote this about the white people that think they're at the top of the chain because their white. I am white, and i cannot stand to see people spewing hate at each other. Lets all stop the hate and realize that our brothers and sisters are defined by our species, not by our race.


How can i expect respect

When my brothers and sisters are putting you down

At times, through dialect

But other times its more direct

Other times its a punch or a kick to the head

Or a bullet to the chest

I know nobody is perfect

But theres no excuse to deny our brothers

Just because of their complexion

For so long they put up with you

And now they wanna protest

And even that makes you upset

Well you cant expect them to accept it

Stand back and stay quiet

And when someone black shoots a bullet to defend himself

All you white people wanna riot

I'm not biased, I'm just perplexed

Because half of you racist people

Dont even think that you're racist.

It's like youre infected

You're full of hate

You need a needle stuck in your neck

Get injected by a serum with some special effect

That replaces the hate in you with something correct


Its what this world needs

Cause time and time again

Some people think I hate them

Just because I'm Caucasian

But that is not the case man.

I'm so sick of staying silent

Got so much frustration inside

So I sit here and I type it

Every single one of us is the same within

Brain in your head and a heart underneath your chin

I guess some of us just dont know how to use it

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No image Race issues and ignorace So, I wrote this because racism in the world today…
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