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Early morning Eurospar near Beggars Bush, Dublin.

Date Written: November 3, 2017

Early morning, Eurospar beggars bush.


The first light of dawn spills across the bay

Lighting the tower cranes like Christmas trees

Huddled at the door of the 24-hour newsagents

Sipping chicory coffee as the

 Click clacking of early morning drunken high heels,

Stumble off footpaths and fall into bundles in the middle of the road.

Bursting firework guffaws that fizzle into cackles.

Stop the traffic and in the glaring headlights

Reveal cold blue legs and red thongs

As the first drops of rain spit on the tarmac

The high heeled wearers managed to raise themselves up

And fall towards the pavement

Using the dog pissed lamppost for support

Blowing kisses to horn blaring, fist waving tattooed taxi man.

The last of the nights street walkers performs tricks for the last

Grateful kerb-crawler.

It’s easy to love this town, even easier to hate it! 



It’s easy to love this town, even easier to hate it! 



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