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Date Written: October 31, 2017

Am I a thread

So deliberately placed in God's eternal tapestry

To weave in and out of the vision

Or am I free-wheeling, aimlessly unraveling

Am I entitled to choice?

Or, be it greater, choice is a gift to me


When the creases of a smile

Form around my lips

And, a deeper joy, forming beneath my eyes

Formidable thought

Laced with comfort pure

My God created me, bone and teeth,

To smile on,

To persevere!

I have a choice.


Should I relish that tinge of failure,

Should I grasp for the bell that rings out the quitter's call,

Could I surrender the Holy Grail,

As if I was not born of a Creator at all?

How bold, nay, stupid

Beyond foolish, would I be

Not to kiss the earth in thanks!

Every hour of every day of the week


Possible course of action

Possibilities and options

Opting for an alternative

Decisions, decisions running rampant



My blood courses with good will

Thy will be done

As on earth as it is in Heaven,

I will choose to give my all, to you O God

For when bad blood trickles inevitably, 

I am well aware of when it does,

It's my duty and honor to absolve it

To illuminate darkness with Your light from above


The bittersweet flavor of sin

I do enjoy the taste

But, oh, the steepest price I pay!

In both retrospect and foresight, it's never worthwhile

I have choice.

Choice, as it was and is, gifted to us

My Lord God, wise and all-knowing, was too kind to me

To allow us to obtusely roam, meandering and free

The shackles are self-inflicted! Don't we know that by now


Gratitude is the wind

Propelling us to the one, true north

Can I be thankful? In joy and wrath?

If you are lost in decision, do not fret!

He will always bring you home

To the warmth and center of redemption

Turn your head, in slight, to Him

And you'll see the choice was already made.


I have a choice

I was born to choose

My indecision does not exist in You

O Lord God

You won't turn away,

Your love won't fade

I chose You long ago, and will do so every single day.


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