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Date Written: September 6, 2017

Let's hope that inspite

of all wrong well do right

and when our judgement takes flight

we'll have a plan that's so right

that from morning day will be night

with a day, another win, another fight

and a hopeful new begining in sight

towards the horizon something awaits

getting there will come to date

and all the hope will take shape

at the horizon a brightness escapes 

to shine some light on our fate

before our hope falls and breaks

when problems are too much to take

so please for God and heavens sake

let us not make the mistake

of achieving this begining too late

let this hopefull day come to and make

a fire that will forever partake

and put hope for centuries in place

in every new day and new face

let's pass the hope and embrace

a new start and let others follow the trace

the kids the kids its their place

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