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I know a girl

Date Written: September 23, 2017

Somtimes life is hard

It's cruel and confusing and can make us put up a guard


I know a girl … that's been through harder times then most

although she hardly ever talks about her experiences

her eyes tell a story of wisdom and hope

She is a gentle soul and I will never understand

why she is so misunderstood

and if I could tell her everything will be ok and hug her I would

She is strong and giving and beautiful inside

but in her hardships, behind her eyes she hides

her compassion and love shows in her tears

but it's lonliness and loss that are her greatest fears

She has so much to give

and through everything, all the pain, all the sadness, she will always forgive

she is an abundance of beauty, a cheerful, happy girl

you will see that when you look into her eyes, as they are pure just like a pearl

If she ever loves, she will love with all her heart

and it will be so strong, that it could never be torn apart


She is just a girl I know …

with emotions that run wild and free

and if you ever get to meet her all the wonder and beauty you will see

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