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The Lonely Smile

Date Written: September 24, 2017

The day is coming to an end, there comes the night filled with darkness

Pain and suffering is awaken, my mind trapped in the prison of loneliness

Abandoned by the past, trapped in the present hoping for the mercy of the future

Slowly i move towards the desk grab my pen and paper to complete the task

I transfer my pain to the innocent paper, hoping the pain wont come again

                                                                                                The Pain of the never again


The fog and darkness cover my eyes as i keep walking in the flames of hell

I wish there could be a place where I can rest, a place to ease my mind and heart

I keep holding on i keep hoping i keep dreaming, that the pain will wash away

Stuck in these gates of hell unable to escape, my mind filled the vision of your face

                                                                                                Hoping for mercy again


I stay alone wondering of how it used to be, when you were the reason i smiled

I remember the moments you were here, you were the ground beneath my feet

I wish to go back to that time, The moment you were the air i could breathe

I wonder, is it really gone? Will i see you again? is it true that this battle has been lost

                                                                                    I wish to see you again


When i first saw you smile, you were the perfect thing i ever saw

Even though i couldn't understand my feelings, love was one thing i knew

Even though i couldn't say it, but my mind, my heart and my eyes you i saw

Each time I was apart from you, my inner self only desired your presence

I was down could no longer move, could no longer see withou your presence

I was in love again


Whenever we were together, above us the sun was shining bright

When i was close to you, wanting you was the feeling i couldn't fight

Even when all hopes were gone, you brought the brightness on my sight

The joy of hearing you say i love you, touched me deep within my heart

It was you and only you, who made me believe in forever and no longer the past

Until darkness arose again


An angel you once were, a demon you became i can't recognise

Every word of love you spoke, now a hammer breaking me into pieces

Every promise you gave, now lies that are pulling me in lonely grave

You who gave me heaven on earth, you now burn me in the depth of hell

Its a strange mountain i can't reach top, its a prison i can never escape

I can never smile again


Deep into this darkness alone i stay, Everyday to the high heaven i pray

Broken and alone i am, hoping for salvation thats seems so far away

Everytime i try to run something holds me back, its the sound of your lies

I know the day will come, i know the light will shine bright again

The moment when i Will be free from your lies, free from your pain

The day is near though it seems so far ahead, until then i can't run

                                                                                                                I pray to be free again


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  1. Bongani Sbanyoni     September 24, 2017


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