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Date Written: October 20, 2017

Do I find it so hard

When I know in my heart 

Im letting you down everyday 

Letting you down everyday

Why do I keep on running away?


Look, I apologize, for the side of me 

you didnt want to see 

a side I didnt even know existed 

wasnt my intention 

it took me long to realize 

with my own eyes 

I dont deserve you 

I hassled you out here 

expexted for you to always listen 

then i realized i didnt 

we talked for hours on the phone 

how many times did i not storm 

when you cried rain 

now im like pick up the phone 

I told you "dont ignore me, be mine still"

that was my brighter side again 

born steady

you matured faster than me 

I wasnt ready 

so I apologize 

Iv'e seen the innocence

leave your eyes 

a front row seat to witness 

didnt even pay my ticket 

I forgot something once again

but it all eventually came with a cost 

I apologize 

for all the females I toyed with 

when I was unstable 

momma and you gave me the blessing

to step in your shoes 

different size but the perspective 

fits the mind 

women are a blessing 

I apologize 

cause at your worst 

you are still love 

and because I fall back when I say

what im about 

your eyes left with your feelings 

that your body once housed 

and you stare away 

onto your phone 

thinking about my mistakes 

what a price I had to pay 

expensive loss 


Im never gonna treat you 

I shouldve treat you 

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No image 6:16 Do I find it so hardWhen I know in my…
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Image 6:16 Do I find it so hardWhen I know in my…
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