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Transient Life…

Date Written: September 22, 2017

A transient journey for which we strife
This temporary, compelling abode called life!!

Till yesterday I was the man of the house,
The power centre, the loving spouse.
Yet today I became just a physical material,
To be kept in care till I reach the burial.
Into the dark folds of the ground,
Or burnt with wood as fire and smoke.
I became a 'was' in just one stroke!!

The lovely house I built with so much pain,
I calculated my taxes, my losses my gain.
The antique pieces I bid for in the exhibition,
As I killed few simple joys in quick succession.
My anxious moments of loving and hating,
My wedding, my childhood, the parent in waiting.
My  designer clothes, the fancy shoes,
My  big long car, tickets to my sea cruise…

All failed to serve, to accompany me tonight,
As I set aforth on my last flight!
The house I built with so much care,
As I left, they even cleansed the air!
My family looked lost and torn,
Even he couldn't do anything, my first born.
My antique pieces didn't shed a tear,
My lovely clothes I never could wear.

All I needed was a bare white cloth
To wrap me in its fold and keep me together,
A funeral pyre, a casket on hire
My long car not big enough ,
my cruise tickets hold no good,
I could not feel their loving hands,
I could not see the sobbing heads.
My hands were empty, my mouth had holy water,
Nothing that I needed, nothing any more did matter.

All I knew is my soul was free and became one,
Coz HE embraced me ,saying Welcome back Son!
I smiled into my final destination, end of my strife,
I had left behind this transient thing called Life!!

One comment on “Transient Life…”

  1. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 22, 2017

    Ohh this is sooo sad, but very well written!!

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