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Pio’s Sonnet – II

Date Written: September 16, 2017

Your eyes awake in me, the memory of skies;
brushed with silken hues, with laces of fire
that moves as a dress, trembles pass a window,
stepping like a wolf in snow.   
Your eyes, what light they have, to share as the sun
shares with the moon. What splendidly, advancing
overtures: such hugeness made quiet, no poetry can
approach. I fear, when I fall, it will be upward and endless.
O sapphire sky, let me be your tree, to bear fruits
and flowers, and sooth you, from my roots to the many
thousand leaves, and hold you, day and night, in a
skyward and silent embrace. And I promise to go,
to your, every part, with a melody and a song,
on wings, as a purple feathered bird, and sing
you free, to be forever – the sky above the wind.

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