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Monster inside

Date Written: October 8, 2017

He's not the most intimidating person out there. 
6'1 , 205 pounds, not the physical specimen girls dream about. 
Doesn't have the deep based voice women only settle for. 
For the longest time, he would walk around with a smile, with every step trying to make the world a better place. 
But don't ever judge a book by its cover. 
Look behind his dark grey eyes. 
What do you see? 
I'll tell you. 
A ruthless, heartless, angry human being bent on destruction. 
For 20 long years, his name, his legacy was his ultimate objective.
Now now, he want to break someone. 
20 years of being the good guy, and the world treated him like a dog,
Well congratulations. 
You wanted a dog, now your getting its fleas. 
You created the monster you've been begging for. 
Be careful what you wish for.. because he's officially snapped. #bnvop

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