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My Prophecy.

Date Written: September 14, 2017

Last night, I had a dream, almost a levitated vision. 
In that vision, I saw a dark horse, a gold trophy and a malignant demon. 
And there was an intense battle between the horse and the demon, so much that it shook the constellations until the stars began to fall from the sky and those mortals beneath us looked up with awe. 
As these two grand beasts sized up, the demon imagined it would have the easy victory, but to its amazement, the dark held its own and more so. 
Eventually, the horse won the battle, claiming the trophy, eradicating that sadistic demon. 
But what does all this mean? 
That dark horse, represents me. 
That one creature that's been looked down on for generations, but heart has always been big enough to keep him going, never backing down from any challenges, and standing up to the face of darkness, and evil. 
That demon, see that demon represents you. 
All you out there who thought I was past-tense. 
All you who never believed that I had a chance. 
All you who thought I was easy target, thought I was a pushover , thought I would be easy to annihilate. 
But no. 
That vision prophesied me overcoming the biggest challenges ever to stand in my way, and everyone else just watches with awe. 
And that trophy that the dark horse won? 
That's the prize that I'm seeking to reclaim. 
Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim. 
That's my objective. 
And according to this vision, that is my destiny

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