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Date Written: September 14, 2017

If fantasy was reality, being deep in my head, full of sharp, painful thoughts wouldn't be a daily process.
If fantasy was reality, our closest friends wouldn't try and hurt us.
If fantasy was reality, happiness would be the most common feeling we felt on a daily basis.
If fantasy was reality, pain, heartbreak, sadness would all be things from yesterday.
If fantasy was reality, my soul wouldnt shatted even at the slightest thought of my life a mere two months ago.
If fantasy was reality, the world would be a better place, instead of filled with humans looking up to a sky of black and grey, but peace and happiness would instead dance with such percision and everything would be just…perfect.
If fantasy was reality…honestly, life wouldnt be the same, would it?
But one day, one fantasy will come true…
What is it? 
Ask me.

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