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Date Written: September 14, 2017

Let me tell you a story.
2016 has been the most roller coaster year of my life so far.
And its caused me so much pain.
But guess what i learned?
That's just life.
You come out here demanding respect from everyone, like you'll receive a trophy for your deeds.
Learn this lesson kid, "in life, we receive no metals".
The single mother with 3 kids working two jobs so her kids can eat and get an education, she receives no metal.
That older brother pioneering for almost 20 years, though he's suffered threw health problems, financial problems, emotional problems, he receives no metals. 
Me, the one person with the biggest heart in the world that's been shattered so many times, and keeps constantly gets knocked down, yet i keep getting up, guess what? 
I receive no metal. 
In life, respect is earned. 
When i was younger,i went around saying i should have everyone's respect, just to be put in my place. 
And i learned, I haven't done anything in my life just yet.
Two years later, the doors I've knocked down, the glass ceilings I've shattered, the people I've proved wrong, that's how I've earned the worlds respect.
And there are still people out there that think i'm childish, think i'm abusive, controlling, a "depressed freak', and i have yet to prove them wrong.
My point is if you for one minute think you deserve the worlds respect, and you have the right to demand respect from the world, you need to step back into the corner.

Because, lets face it.

None of us are qualified to demand respect.

Espechally someone like you. 

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