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Date Written: September 14, 2017

A wise man once said, that a mans strength is more valuable then gold and silver 
That strength is an intestinal force that words cannot describe
That strength isn't defined by how big a mans arms are, more by how big his heart is. 
You see, people always misunderstand what strength really is. 
When it comes to a man with strength , it doesn't doesn't matter if he's walking, limping, crawling, being carried across , it more matters that he crosses the finish line. 
That's my goal. 
My whole life has been me coming up short, but I've never in my life been called a quitter. 
I'm bent on winning this fight, even if I have to scratch and claw my way there. 
Though I have family, friends, contemporaries constantly breaking me down, my heart is what keeps me going. 
All 19 years of dragging myself to the finish line, my heart is what's been keeping me going. 
Since I've gotten this far, I won't quit. 
I want to, so bad. 
But I won't. 
That…is what defines strength. 

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