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Too legit to quit.

Date Written: September 14, 2017

A year beginning with tragedy, ending with a deluge of bleeding. 
I was judged, mocked portrayed as a rebel because of my scars, well I beg your pardon it's quite hard enough to live with all the stuff I have learned. 
As I began to fall deeper and deeper down the dark well of depression, something deep down inside of me told me to hang in there. 
While those demons inside of me, screaming at me, persisting at me to quit, I knew that if I hung on, one day I wouldn't regret it. 
That the unseen glory would be good enough to look back and say "it was worth it". That one day I would be able to look at every scar at my body and tell them that they don't define me. 
Well look at me now.
On top of the world, wether doubters like it or not. 
I've cemented myself as a conqueror, as a survivor, as a leader. 
So now I invite you. 
Join me.
Follow me. 
As lead you into the kingdom. 
Follow me, as I direct those lost towards the promise land. 
FOLLOW ME! And you won't regret it either. 

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