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Date Written: October 19, 2017

The palm I hold,a sign of strong, infallible fragility
Never-ending simplicity in your flaws, my love
I adore you all, drink you in to bask over and over for more
You wish, I wish the same, let us die together forever and ever
Nothing can change, so lets us never to become different,
You are mine, you know I will keep on holding your hand
Replace, change and create the world we have h inere
You need no place to run, my home is your place
Look up to me, Look into my eyes, I see you, I am watching
The figment of my imagination has found the real thing
It is special, your warm body comforts my human needs
Friends? Never, let's start again, the joy of a journey with no return
Love has no edges, Life makes the boundaries, the rules are ours babey
Both of us, Let's keep it that way, dive into two to make one
Can we let ourselves be lost in the crowd of own invisibility
There is nothing I hide, not from our eyes, loose my arms, so tired
The sight of my beloved is a wonderful sight to behold
My statue of liberty, my pure longing of hunter's 

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Image Us The palm I hold,a sign of strong fragilityNever-ending simplicity in your…
by polecat flower
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Image Us The palm I hold,a sign of strong, infallible fragilityNever-ending simplicity…
by polecat flower
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