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Battle of Defeat

Date Written: October 18, 2017

Inhale exhale… I can hear my heart beat, in a zombie state I stand to face my own personal defeat.

The aftermath of love is why my heart remains locked away, Exhausted by life my soul now joins and together in agony they lay.

Burned…Broken…Beaten and Battered!! Bullied by life, now emotionally shattered.

Once so strong and fearless, now helpless and fatigued…. Safely locked away together but begging to be freed.

Curious friends and family steady frontin' like they care!

 My mind physically and mentally under attack, I cry… but no one hears cause NOBODY'S FUCKIN' THERE!!

I alone can fight my demons, I alone ride through this fucked up life I'm forced to endure every day…. 

but why am "I" doing nothing?? Because "I am fuckin locked away!!"

I battle, I cope, I suppress…. each and everyday!!  This now heartless bitch without a soul, I refused to bow and pray.

 I've fallen into a zone, starring hard into a daze…. struggling to occupy my mind before its consumed by haze.

Me, Myself and I…. Marie's all I ever need. My heart & soul lay in pieces,  but insanity is always ready to proceed.

However; Instead, I choose to lay and lick my wounds, allowing myself to fully heal…. Certain,  I will emerge stronger than ever! The capabilities of my wrath once again,  MF's shall remember and feel!!


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