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A Mother’s Hopes

Date Written: September 16, 2017

You want me to think for myself,

Yet you dismiss the currents of my mind,

Treat my rhythms with disdain,

Decide my pride wasn’t earned.


You want me to succeed,

Yet you bind my feet and dim my voice,

An earthquake in the ever-changing, growing, maze in my head,

Convinced that my small triumphs won’t amount to more.


You want me to enjoy life,

Yet you shut the doors that lead to love,

Slice your knife through friendship and pleasure,

Push me further into the darkness of scores and failure,


You want me to be better than you,

Yet you believe that the path you walked to doom will lead me to triumph,

Repetition is a symptom of insanity and pride,

An unbreakable pride, abundant as my sorrow.


You want me to be happy,

Yet your love for me is all you have,

And turns a deaf ear as I scream from my ledge,

Soon I will slip and you will be left.




Just. Like. Me.

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  1. quring     September 16, 2017

    can anyone tell me how to delete a poem? I accidentally posted the same one twice

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