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Green & Blue

Date Written: October 9, 2017

What is life and what is it not?

What can you see and what can you not?

What can you hear and what can you smell?

And like the one above, what can you not as well?

What is green and what is blue?

The trees and skies but what does color mean to you?

What is your name and who am I? To you… maybe an acquaintance, a friend or a lie.

Whatever I may be to you or to him has nothing to do with what I am to her or to them.

Different perspectives create different lives, create different truths, create different lies.

So who is to say what is wrong or right? What is true or false? What is black or white?

Nobody I think, nobody in this damn world. Because everybody is human and we all deserve to be heard.

By each other and by one another we should all be shown respect because different opinions aren’t what set us apart but us instead.

And in the process we fail to realize the actual truth – that opinions are nothing but colors like green and blue.


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  1. sunburned     October 9, 2017

    Good scenario

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Image Green & Blue What is life and what is it not?What can you…
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