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pure empty being

Date Written: September 8, 2017

the sand reaches and endless limit

the waves hit

the capacity of this earth reaches no existence 

an eye catches no moment 

but the stillness of strangers silhouettes

the air releases worries and scatters them into an lmost nothingness 


but still we're feeling

but still we're healing

but stil we're filling voids 

with optimal pursuing


i wonder, where dreams carry one's soul 

i wonder, how to regain the strength a hurting heart wants

i wonder, if we lost a love will our next ever be as whole

i wonder, i wonder, yet fail to question

a pure disaster


caught in the darkness of it all

wanting to escape nothing more than my own thoughts

they sing so innocently but so vainly haunt


let it be

the ocean swings

my thoughts dissolve

pure empty being.   



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