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Barrier Removal

Date Written: October 17, 2017


Jesus has made me bold enough,

To tell you to do what is right;

Because of knowing times are tough,

I have been given the insight.


I prefer to make an appeal,

Basically for the sake of love;

Able to spiritually feel,

From the Almighty up above.


Because I am now an old man,

And a prisoner for the Lord;

Following God about His plan,

Ensuring not to be ignored.


He might had been useless to you,

But now very useful to know;

Because His Word found to be true,

From all of the proof that I show.


If by chance that I could return,

Then you would be able to see;

From the Gospel that you can learn,

And how it has really changed me.


Political correctness feasts,

On trying to block the Good News;

For they are the liberal beasts,

Trying to push immoral views.


I did not desire to do,

Anything without your consent;

Ensuring that you will construe,

And would like to hear your comment.


No longer as a slave, but better,

For serving as a dear brother;

Heeding commands to the letter,

Able to love one another.


If you think of me as a friend,

You will be spreading the Gospel;

Fret not how many you offend,

While talking to the people.


I am confident as I write,

Knowing you will do even more;

Being able to see the light,

Knowing that the truth is for sure.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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