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Believing in the Son

Date Written: September 26, 2017


I have written this,

To those who believe;

In spiritual bliss;

On what they receive.


In the Son of God,

For eternal life;

Erasing where flawed,

But enduring strife.


I am confident,

That God does listen;

Through a commitment,

When you did christen.


So we know that we,

Have what we do ask;

Although we do not see,

He will do the task.


Seeing another,

Committing a sin;

Pray for your brother,

To repent within.


Those who commit sin,

That leads not to death;

Able to begin,

After their last breath.


Any kind of wrong,

Death is where it leads;

It does not belong,

In spiritual needs.


For those born in God,

Do not go sinning;

They honor and laud,

Continue winning.


Jesus Christ protects,

From the evil one;

When someone respects,

Jesus as the Son.


We are in the One,

For life eternal;

Jesus Christ the Son,

Far from nocturnal.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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