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Blind Hearts

Date Written: October 23, 2017

I tell you to urge you,

In the name of the Lord;

Always to remain true,

His teachings not ignored.


Live not any longer,

Like others of this place;

So you can grow stronger,

In His mercy and grace.


They think of worthless things,

But cannot understand;

For the pleasure it brings,

Where the darkness commands.


Because of ignorance,

And secluded from life;

Having false confidence,

Understands not the strife.


No longer any shame,

They are promiscuous;

Perversion they proclaim,

Becomes more contagious.


That is not what was taught,

Learning from Jesus Christ;

What you should not have sought,

How desires enticed.


You have heard His message,

And have been taught His ways;

For the rite of passage,

To God if one obeys.


The truth is within Christ,

Changing the way you live;

Confess what has enticed,

The Father will forgive.


Who that you used to be,

Ruined through desires;

Deceiving what you see,

The blind heart requires.


So get rid of the lies,

Speak the truth with others;

Open up your ears and eyes,

Talking to your brothers.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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