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Boldly Rescued

Date Written: October 25, 2017


The Lord is my light,

And my salvation;

Giving me insight,

With a foundation.


Who is there to fear?

He is my fortress;

Knowing He is near,

Strengthens me through stress.


The wicked approach,

To tear me to shreds;

But God is my coach,

Stomps where evil treads.


Enemies and foes,

Will stumble and fall;

Because the Lord knows,

When I make a call.


Though they set up camp,

My heart not afraid;

God remains my lamp,

He gives defense aid.


Though war may break out,

Their troops against me;

I will not have doubt,

God will set me free.


I have confidence,

All things of the Lord;

He is my defense,

Cannot be ignored.


I will always seek,

All days of my life;

As humble and meek,

To cope with the strife.


The House of the Lord,

In order to gaze;

Stay in one accord,

His beauty always.


I hide in His wing,

Sheltered from trouble,

Assurance to bring,

Rescued from rubble.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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