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Carried Through

Date Written: October 7, 2017


I will honor the Lord,

He pulled me from the pit;

So beloved and adored,

I construe as I sit.


He lets not foes rejoice,

For the Lord is my God;

He hears stress in my voice,

When I have become flawed.


I cry out for His aid,

He rescues when appealed;

He comforts when afraid,

Assists me to be healed.


He called me back to life,

Bringing me from the grave;

Helping me through the strife,

That sin made me its slave.


Make songs to praise the Lord,

You who belong to Him;

Remain in one accord.

For His vigor and vim.


Think of Him and give thanks,

His favor is for life;

Priceless more than the banks,

Comforting through the strife.


His anger lasts a bit,

Weeping may last the night;

Contemplate as you sit,

Joy comes by morning light.


When all is well with me,

I will not be shaken;

His insight I will see,

He has not forsaken.


I decided to search,

So I could go embrace;

I found Him in the church,

But He had hid His face.


So I let my soul praise,

With song that will not mute;

Giving Him thanks always,

All I can contribute.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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  1. sunburned     October 8, 2017


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