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Date Written: October 3, 2017


God will take you from the nations,

Gather from every country;

Very far from their temptations,

And their immoral pleasantry.


He will bring you back to your land,

And sprinkle you with clean water;

Being guided by His command,

Protecting your son and daughter.


The Lord will be making you clean,

Cleansing you from all your idols;

Turning away what you had been,

Stopping the mind that just idles.


The Lord will give you a new heart,

And putting a new spirit in you;

Enabling you with a new start,

So you begin to remain true.


He will enable you to live,

As you start to obey His rules;

The Lord is willing to forgive,

The past when all of you were fools.


Then you will live within the land,

That He gave to your ancestors;

Fertile beauty rather than sand,

Far from all of the molesters.


You are the people of the Lord,

So remember He is your God;

Remain to be in one accord,

Demonstrating honor and laud.


He will rescue from wickedness,

Evil causing iniquity;

Which exposes your nakedness,

And blocking you from purity.


He will be making the grain grow,

No fear of famines anymore;

Everything that you will sow,

Finding a harvest that will score.


For your sake, be it known to you,

Be shamed and disgraced of your ways;

Unto the Lord always be true,

Blessings to each one who obeys.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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