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Crisis Conceived

Date Written: November 10, 2017


Have pity upon me, O Lord,

Let my soul take refuge in You;

Let not my request be ignored,

Help me be able to construe.


Please hide me underneath your wings,

Till the destructive storms pass by;

Because of the damage it brings,

Reason to call the God Most High.


The God who does so much for me,

He sends His help down from Heaven;

Opens my eyes so I can see,

Everything He has given.


God sends His mercy and His truth,

Disgraces the one who hassles;

Judgment falls on who is uncouth,

Rains fire upon their castles.


I am surrounded by lions,

And I must lie down with the beasts;

Circling around me widens,

As if they prepare for the feasts.


Though I am honored with a shield,

For they have not even come near;

Because the hand of God has yield,

Causing them to have a great fear.


He has been honored in Heaven,

Lets His glory cover the earth;

Because of what He has given,

We do not construe its true worth.


All my enemies have spread out,

As they have been laying a snare;

But they soon are having a doubt,

As the Lord responds to my prayer.


My heart is confident, O Lord,

I desire to sing and make song;

As I remain in one accord,

I know that nothing can go wrong.


I want to wake to a new dawn,

As Your truth has filled the skies;

Romp through grass like a new born fawn,

Free from the deceit and the lies.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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