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Dearly Departed

Date Written: October 13, 2017


It is the end of time,

And know the antichrist;

Encourage you to crime,

For becoming enticed.


The antichrist is here,

We should already know;

The end of time is clear,

Causing strange things to flow.


Some departed are gone,

Taking away our heart;

Waiting for the new dawn,

But never really part.


If they had been with us,

Maybe they would have stayed;

But leaving is clear as thus,

No longer have they strayed.


You have been anointed,

Blest by the Holy One;

The Father appointed,

You chosen through the Son.


So you have the wisdom,

The truth in His knowledge;

The heavenly kingdom,

You have to acknowledge.


I write since you should know.

And have not been uncouth;

Because the facts I show,

No lies come from the truth.


For who is a liar?

Those who have denied Christ;

As the lake of fire,

Where they will be enticed.


The one who will reject,

Christ as the Messiah;

Will also show disrespect,

To the God of Noah.


I write not to deceive,

The anointing is true;

Departing to believe,

What will happen to you.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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